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Discover the Empowerment of Yoga: Nurturing Healing, Easing Stress, and Cultivating Vitality.

Greetings! I'm genuinely thrilled that you've discovered me. A wholehearted and warm welcome to My Sanctuary Blossoming Bodhi. I'm Dawn, and your presence here is deeply appreciated. With yoga as our guide, together we embark on a journey of transformation and liberation, nurturing your inner growth and well-being.

Dawn Valentine
Founder of Blossoming Bodhi

About Blossoming Bodhi

Step into Blossoming Bodhi, where the journey toward a peaceful pivot unfolds, guided by the practice of yoga. Our mission is to unlock liberation for every client. We create a sanctuary where mind, body, and soul reunite through the connection of the breath, mindful movement and meditation.

We honor deep roots in healing traditions, from those traditions we plant seeds of transformation in every practice. With each breath, each posture, the symphony of healing awakens—burdens dissipate, stress takes flight, and radiant spirits bloom with vitality. Embarking on the transformative path of yoga's Eight Limbs, as compiled by the sage Patanjali in his "Yoga Sutras," offers a profound personal evolution. I extend a heartfelt invitation to embark on this journey of self-discovery, growth and transformation.

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Certified Yoga Instructor

About Dawn

Peace Peace Peace my name is Dawn` Valentine—a guide on your journey to self-discovery through the practice of yoga.

With a passion for stories, tea, and my yoga mat, I've been exploring balanced living for over two decades. Yoga's transformative power ignited shifts—releasing stress, igniting confidence, and awakening self-awareness for three decades.

In 2017, my path transformed. From practitioner to teacher, I discovered my mission to heal and empower. Exploring moving meditations and holistic healing, I journeyed into herbalism, reiki, reflexology, and Thai yoga. My quest led me to therapeutic yoga, aiding healing, evolution, and self-discovery.

Today, my focus is on you. Through personalized sessions, I address addiction, grief, and trauma. Merging classical yoga with reflective practices, I guide you toward intertwined body, mind, and spirit. Let's embark on transformation, unveili0..ng the secrets within and nurturing peace.

Excited to meet on the mat,

Individual Journey addressing specific concerns

Personalized Path

Experience the individual journey of yoga's transformative power. Whether addressing specific concerns or seeking spiritual growth, we tailor sessions to your needs. From managing pain to exploring somatic awareness, our coaching combines breathwork mindfulness and movement. Sessions available in-person (Maryland & DC) or virtually. Ideal for you if:

You seek stress relief, flexibility, or balance.
Exploring somatic aspects or deepening your mind-body connection.
Emotional support and exploration.

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Guided Classes

Immerse in Yin Yoga, harmonizing with the meridians of Chinese medicine. Gentle poses and extended holds promote relaxation and flexibility. Dive into meridians, nurturing energy pathways, and deepening mind-body connection. Embrace the release of tension and increased vitality, harmonizing the body's energy. Join us on this holistic journey toward inner balance and vitality.

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We truly believe there's a special place for everyone, and together, through collaboration, our communities can truly flourish. We're excited to explore the possibilities with you! Kindly let us know in what way you'd like to collaborate with us:

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